Conversation Heart Swag

Five stuffed colorful hearts, resembling the conversation candies, are easy to sew and bear warm greetings. Make this for yourself or as a gift for your sweetheart!


Suggested fabrics for the project are fleece, felt, or cotton solids in the following pastel colors: lavender, green, peach, blue, and pink. Yellow may be substituted for one of the suggested colors.

  • 7" X 14" pieces of fabric in each of the colors (if purchasing fabric, 1/4 yd. of each fabric is needed)
  • 3 yds. 1/4" wide white ribbon
  • polyfil stuffing
  • matching utility sewing thread
  • Fiskar scissors
  • fabric pins
  • Mark-B-Gone water soluble marker
  • Sulky Tear Away stabilizer (optional)
  • bright pink embroidery thread, floss, or fabric paint
  • hand sewing thread (optional)
Heart message lettering may be embroidered with the Husqvarna Viking embroidery system, by hand, or using fabric paint.


From the pastel solid fabrics:

  • cut 2 (two) 7" X 7" squares from each color
  • cut 2 (two) 30" pieces of ribbon
  • set aside the remaining length of ribbon for bows between the hearts

Choose your favorite sayings from the candies. The ones that were used for the swag shown are: 


*If embroidering by machine, follow the Husqvarna Viking instruction manual for hooping and embroidery. 

Mark the center of the square of fabric. To add the messages to the hearts by hand, use a water soluble marker to write words centering them over the mark. With a needle and embroidery thread, sew over the lines. Or, the lettering can be created using fabric paint. Consult the directions for use on the product's packaging. 

Using the heart shaped pattern piece, center the pattern over the embellished squares. Hint: cut one heart at a time so each of the messages will be truly centered.


Thread your sewing machine with matching utility sewing thread.

*As you sew, remember to remove the pins as you approach them with the sewing machine needle.
sewing projects
With the right side up, place all five solid squares on a flat surface. Lay the embellished hearts over the matching square, so the right sides are together. Pin the heart shape to the square.
2 Using the edge of your presser foot along the edge of the heart shape, sew around each of the hearts. Leave a 2" opening as shown on the pattern. Trim each of the square pieces of fabric down to match the heart shape.
sewing projects

sewing projects

3 sewing projects

sewing projects

In order to get a smooth edge when the shapes are turned right side out, make a clip at the point of the heart. The clip should be through the seam allowance up to the stitching line; be careful not to cut through the stitching. 

Then trim the bottom point of the heart.

sewing projects
4 Turn the hearts right side out. If the bottom point of the heart seems rounded, use the point of the straight pin to gently pull it out.
sewing projects
sewing projects
Lightly stuff the hearts. Hand sew the openings closed.
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6 Either by sewing machine or by hand, tack the hearts together side by side. The connection point is 1 3/4" from the top of the heart.
sewing projects
sewing projects
Take a 30" piece of ribbon, fold it in half lengthwise. Tie a knot so it is centered on the 15" folded length. Repeat for other piece of ribbon.
8 To the finish line...

Tack the folded edge of the 15" ribbons to the back of each of the outer hearts.

sewing projects
sewing projects
Tie 6 tiny bows. Sew, by hand or sewing machine, a bow over all of the tacked areas.
Hang the knotted ribbons over nails so that the heart garland looks like a smile. Happy Heart Day!