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  1. IF MACHINE DOES NOT SEW Make sure the plug is properly connected into wall outlet Check to insure that the clutch release knob is tightened after winding bobbin.
  2. IF A MACHINE DOES NOT SEW PROPERLY Check upper threading making sure thread is through the tension thread dial. Check lower threading making sure thread is snapped into the tension spring. Always make sure presser foot is lowered before starting to sew. Be certain that stitch length is set according to the stitch you selected. Insure that needle is not bent. Needle clamp screw may be loose. If this is the case, the upper and lower thread will not form a lock stitch.
  3. IF NEEDLE BREAKS Always make certain that the presser foot is the correct one for the stitch being sewn. The flat side of the needle should face toward the back of the machine. Machine may not be threaded correctly. Guide fabric gently through machine: pulling excessively will cause the needle to bend and then break. Check that the tension is set between 4-5.
  4. IF LOOPS FORM ON FABRIC Tension on upper thread or lower thread may be set incorrectly. Insure tensions are not too loose.
  5. IF FABRIC PUCKERS Tension on upper thread or lower thread may be set incorrectly. Insure tensions are not too tight. If the bobbin case is not properly set into the shuttle, the thread will jam. Check to make sure that the bobbin case is inserted tightly and can not move from side to side. Again, use the correct needle size in combination with the fabric.
  6. IF MACHINE DOES NOT WIND BOBBINMake sure the bobbin winder shaft is pushed to the right. Make sure the clutch release knob is loosened.
  7. IF UPPER THREAD BREAKS Examine the following: Upper threading Bent or improper insertion of needle Check tension setting.
  8. IF LOWER THREAD BREAKS Examine the following: Lower thread may be entangled in shuttle Bobbin is not threaded properly in bobbin case Lower thread tension may be too tight Always clean lint from shuttle area
  9. IF MACHINE SKIPS STITCHES Examine the following: Needle may be bent, dull or inserted backwards Check that the correct needle size is used in combination with the fabric Check upper threading Remove needle plate and brush clean any lint accumulation
    IF MACHINE DOES NOT MAKE BUTTON HOLE Check to make certain that the buttonhole foot is attached. Carefully follow the instructions in your owners manual. Every machine functions differently for making a buttonhole.


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